About Bring4Me Local Delivery Listings

About Bring4Me Local Delivery ListingsBring4Me is a product search engine displayed to customers as a map to allow them to locate local businesses offering safe drop delivery and allows nearby retailers to operate their stores and continue serving their customers without going against lockdown procedures.

If your business has been deemed as non-essential, this may be the only option available to you if you want to continue operating.

While the majority of stores have their own online websites, many prospective customers aren't aware of all of the stores that have delivery-enabled websites. The goal of Bring4Me is to provide users with a centralized place they can go to in order from stores that will deliver while this pandemic is ongoing.

Standard mail delivery is something that can make it difficult for customers to receive various items in a timely and efficient manner. Bring4Me helps to negate this issue by making sure that employees can be kept on to assist with the delivery of orders in the areas nearby where they live. Since employees would still be needed for the delivery of items and products that customers purchase, using this service should help businesses counter the lost income and unemployment that many companies are currently dealing with.

Bring4me app will be an ongoing service providing businesses with the ability to advertise and sell their products, while providing consumers with a one stop place to find the merchandise they need. The Bring4Me service provides companies with the ability to list their products along with prices. These businesses can also choose to import a product list from their current online store. Each company will be able to set a specific delivery radius as well as delivery hours.

How Bring4Me Works

Whenever a shopper visits the Bring4Me website, they can search for a variety of different products by typing in one or more keywords directly on the map. The map will then take the keyword and provide a list of search results from the nearby stores that offer what the customer is looking for. Once the customer has identified the store they would like to purchase from and the exact product that they want to buy, they can add the product to a simple cart or continue browsing the listings for other stores.

When products have been placed in the cart, the user will be able to navigate to a checkout area that finalizes the purchase. The checkout process is a simple and straightforward one that involves an email being sent directly to the store owner along with the contact information for the buyer as well as additional information about the order. This method would replace the phone as the main communication method.

When the store receives the order email, they can then get in touch with the buyer, after which they can make arrangements for one of their employees to make a delivery. The map support available through the Bring4Me service can be accessed by online stores and brick-and-mortar stores alike.

For any stores that are comprised of mobile point-of-sale units, they can still use Apple Pay or Google Pay services while also accommodating credit cards. However, these stores could also decide to accept PayPal or even cash as additional payment methods. It's important to note that payments won't be processed through the Bring4Me site. To be certain that money always passes from the customer to the store that they purchase from, all of the payments are handled directly between the customer and the store.

Eventually, it may be possible for Bring4Me to add an order online feature in the event that stores require this option. For the initial phase of this service, all payment will be left between the customer and store, which should keep payment issues to a minimum. When using the Bring4Me service, the store owners will also have the option to select a specific employee to handle their deliveries or to perform the deliveries themselves. Business owners are able to tailor much of the Bring4Me service to their specific needs.

Shoppers who use the Bring4Me service can view a significant amount of information about the store that they're interested in shopping with. This information can include the phone number for the store, any business and delivery hours, and a link to the store website or eCommerce platform.

If you want to provide your customers with another avenue to continue purchasing your products while the lockdown is ongoing, Bring4Me will help you connect to shoppers.